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Background Music


For vocalists and not only I will prepare the background music of the original song or author in the wave or midi file. The professional sound of real instruments ensures high quality of the song. Below are a few of the orders:

Sound Designer
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Proszę wypełnić wszystkie wymagane pola!
06 January 2020
Play the Tank Battle game produced by Wroclaw company T-bull. Music and sounds created by Irek Kuźlak. Choose your tank,
06 September 2019
🎶 The amazing voice of Jagoda Kina in Can't help falling in love recorded by me 🎤 Enjoy listning 🎧
31 May 2019
Maze upgrade - simple game with my music. Play this game ane get out of the maze. Maze Upgrade is
24 October 2018
A great new album with epic music for game and movie trailers to be used in your project. The perfect
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phone: (+48) 501-321-320

email: kontakt@kuzlak.pl



Music written for the needs of games, films, commercials and more. In most cases classical instruments harmonize with electronic sounds.



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Contact me, do not hesitate. Write what you need for your project. Be sure to leave your email address. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Sound Design


The soundtracking of the film material or the game is just as exciting for the creators as creating music. The way of recording, generation and processing of sound can be included in creative techniques defining the style of the composer. The sound plays a great role in the picture, characterizing the presented world and emphasizing emotions.

mgr Ireneusz Kuźlak


Polish composer, sound designer and pianist. Born on January 4, 1987 in Gniezno. His artistic education began at the Music School in Gniezno, where he learned to play the piano under the direction of A. Maciejaszek - Abramowicz, A. Liman and H. Żmijowska. After completing the second degree in 2006, he began to study composition with prof. Marek Jasiński, and then with prof. Bettina Skrzypczak at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. After graduating, he took up teaching work. He taught at first and second degree music schools in Golub - Dobrzyń, Nidzica, Lipno and Szczecinek. During this time he also conducted rhythmic and music classes in many early school in Toruń and the surrounding area. In 2017, he broke away from pedagogical work, devoting himself fully to creative work. Ireneusz Kuźlak is a composer of film, theater, gaming and media. In his work, he often uses new means of expression, including electronic layers contrasted with classical symphonic orchestra.

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